Hospital Change Management: HSE change Organization


HSE Change Management: Hospital Change Plan

Managing change is seen as being skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge thereby modify- ing its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights (Garvin 1993). Nurses today work in a health service that is rapidly changing. Traditional nursing roles have an ever-increasing management responsibility, and it is important when considering change management to reflect upon potential benefits not only for the patient but also for staff and the organization as a whole. The theory of change management draws on a number of social science disciplines and tradition. This makes defining core concepts difficult, therefore several mod- els/theories were considered for guidance when plan- ning a proposal for a change of shift system within a haematology/oncology day unit to promote better util- ization of nursing skills and management experience.

Aim of proposed change

• To establish independent rostered staffing allocation of the day unit separate from the inpatient area.


• To initiate change in staffing allocation within day unit. • To improve and further develop the management

skills of trained staff within the unit.
• To improve and further develop the clinical skills of

trained staff, furthering their professional development. • To promote continuity of care.
• To make recommendations for improvement in

managing the change process.
• To successfully accommodate the increase in the

number of patients requiring treatment.

Change Management Plan: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar


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